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  • Casa Cook El Gouna Egypt (27)

    Casa Cook Hotels

    Laid-back places for kindred spirits

Each of our hotels is a passion project; they fit seamlessly together, but are never the same. Whether framed by a mountain or the sea, we find inspiration in the surrounding landscapes as much as the local culture. We want to inspire with architecture and design that feels both cosmopolitan and down-to-earth. To envelop you in soft beauty, full of character and comfort, and surprise with details that may be tiny, but are so thoughtful that you’ll feel you’re in the home of a friend. Our unique approach to space – a balance between private and shared – means you’re free to choose what suits a moment’s mood. You’ll always have a cozy cocoon-like room or one of our vibrant communal areas to return to throughout the day.



Taking our cues from how we live and why we travel, each Casa Cook emphasizes wellbeing for the body and of the soul. Healthy food, spa time, yoga, music or excursions in nature – each moments of mindfulness to enrich your stay. But nearest and dearest to us is the growing culture of community that Casa Cook has sparked.


Across cities and continents, we’re connecting a new and multi-faceted tribe of travelers – foodies, creators, trekkers, soul-searchers, beach buffs, dancers, dreamers – individuals bound together by similar values, and their shared quest for a deep, fulfilling experience.


From the Greek isles to Egypt and other new destinations, you’ll always sense our warm and welcoming culture. Deeply inspired by the Greek idea of “parea” – the celebration of people coming together and sharing good times – it’s at the heart of everything we do. So join us and our Casa Cook community! Our doors are open: come on in.

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Casa Cook El Gouna

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Casa Cook Mykonos Exterior Lowres
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Casa Cook North Coast