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Welcome to HawaiiGuide

Hawaii is a land of great diversity, beauty, and many contradictions. The permeating spirit of Aloha, the rich culture of the people, and the sacred and historical traditions passed down for generations continue to define these isolated islands. Mother Nature pulled out all the stops when forming this incredible place. 

From lush rainforests to barren deserts, Hawaii is as eclectic a place as you'll ever visit. A favorite getaway for people worldwide, Hawai'i has become famous for its miles of beaches, erupting volcanoes, lush rainforests, exquisite food, and exotic flora and fauna.

At, we understand that planning a trip to Hawaii can seem a bit overwhelming. From which island to visit, when to travel, what tours and activities to try, what to pack, where to visit, and what to expect once you get there- it can all make your head spin!

That's why we've assembled this website and organized it accordingly; to help make your Hawaiian vacation seamless- from start to finish. If you're just getting started, we recommend you begin your journey here.

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Hawaii Travel Guide

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Our products are designed to help you make the most of your time in Hawaii - from the most popular attractions and activities to the hidden gems. With our products, you can plan the perfect vacation, from which beaches to visit to which restaurants to try.

We offer most of our Hawaii Visitor Planners in two formats, digital (for on-the-go use) and print (a physical hard copy). Our travel guides & planners are produced by John and Victoria Derrick, two certified Hawaii Destination Experts.

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Introduction to HawaiiGuide

A quick overview of the travel resources found on this website
John and Victoria Derrick

John & Victoria Derrick - Editors

About 2023年飞艇最新公式-人工计划软件官网+168极速飞艇官网网站-Guide

Our Team & Website ( was developed by John & Victoria Derrick, two certified Hawaii destination experts, to provide Hawaii visitors with everything they’ll need to create the perfect Hawaii trip.

Each year, we currently help as many as 15 million travelers with planning their ideal Hawaii trip(s). Since 2002, our Hawaii website has assisted tens of millions of additional visitors in the process of planning and booking the Hawaiian vacation of their dreams. For 20 years now, this website, and our team have been dedicated to being the one-stop resource for all things Hawaii. We'd genuinely love to be your virtual guide to the islands of Hawaii; Plan, Book, Pack, and Go with Hawaii Guide!

Now, more than ever, we believe in the promotion of responsible travel and sustainable/regenerative tourism. Be a pono traveler and malama Hawaii!

FREE Hawaii Summary Guidesheets

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Includes the top must-see & do attractions, best times to visitwhere to stay briefing, airport detail, a monthly weather summary, and where to find the most noteworthy local ono 'grindz' (best eats) on each respective Hawaiian Island.

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Which Island & When to Visit

What is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii?

When is the best time of year to Travel to Hawaii?

Ultimately, in our honest opinion - there isn't an inopportune time to go to Hawaii. Visiting Hawaii is a dream come true for many visitors, and who can blame them? The weather is fantastic nearly year-round, there's something to do for everyone, and the food is phenomenal (try laulau, trust us!).

In this article, we'll tackle a number of important topics to help you decide when to visit, including monthly Hawaii Hotel & Airline Rates, the Best Time for FAQ (Whalewatching, Hiking, Getting Married, etc.), Weather through the year, and we even have a quiz to help select your top four months!

Which Hawaii Island should you visit?

Take our quiz to find the best Hawaiian Island for you...

Like many visitors to Hawaii, you're probably wondering which Hawaii island to visit and thinking about which one would be best for you and your travel party. Unlike many destinations, Hawaii is not really one destination - but six unique, eclectic, and diverse island destinations that all happen to be within the same state.

The islands are very diverse, and each one has its own unique offerings, making choosing an island rather difficult, especially for first-time visitors. And once you've started visiting the islands, coming back to a different island can often feel like a totally different place with a whole new set of experiences, sights, and attractions. Like us, we’re sure you’ll soon have a personal favorite. But until you know from experience, take our handy 'Which Island to visit Quiz' to determine your best match.

Things To Do On Each Island

Maui - The Valley Island

Travel Guide to Maui

Maui has been a favorite tourist destination for decades because it represents the quintessential tropical getaway. With its beautiful coastal views, eclectic volcanoes, wildlife sanctuaries nearby, and a vast majority of the island left wild and free from rampant development; there are countless things to do in Maui that will leave you authentically charmed!

With its resorts along the coastline, picturesque beaches, majestic palm trees, and rich agriculture, it's no wonder that people from all over the world flock to this verdant island to get a taste of what Hawaii is really all about.

Maui is the second-largest landmass in the Hawaiian island chain, at approximately 727 square miles, and the second-most visited island in Hawaii. In our opinion, it makes for a great choice for those who are first-time visitors.

Oahu - The Gathering Place

Travel Guide to Oahu

Known as the "Gathering Place," Oahu is Hawaii's most populous island; and many believe it the perfect representation of paradise. Oahu is primarily defined by the state capital of Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, and the world-famous Waikiki Beach. These areas host thousands of tourists daily. To say Oahu is brimming with amazing things to see and points of interest is a massive understatement. Nearly anywhere you go on Oahu, you're bound to find something fascinating.

Oahu is the third-largest island in the state of Hawaii, but it is definitely ranked first in population. Nearly a million people share Oahu's 600 square miles of mountains and beaches - that's a full three-quarters of the state's population.  Oahu is also the most visited of all the Hawaiian islands.

Kauai - The Garden Island

Travel Guide to Kauai

Kauai is an island full of splendor, raw beauty, and culture; an island that, like no other, represents the true spirit of aloha. The island really is a true hidden gem of sorts. Over 90% of the island cannot be reached by road. In fact, the most beautiful part of the whole island, the majestic Na Pali Coastline, has no road near it - and most Kauai lovers like it that way. The island, arguably we'll admit, also boasts more coastline filled with amazing beaches than any other island in the chain. If you love verdant scenery, enjoy hiking, and are looking for a more rural Hawaiian vibe, this is the island for you!

Kaua'i is the oldest of all the main Hawaiian Islands, dating back some 5.1 million years. The island is nearly circular in shape with a land area encompassing 533 square miles. Kauai is both the fourth-largest island in the Hawaiian chain and is the fourth most visited island in Hawaii.

Hawaii - The Big Island

Travel Guide to Hawaii Island

The Big Island of Hawaii seems determined to break the norm; the stereotype of the average tropical island, that is. Here you'll find the ongoing battle between green forests, black lava fields, the ocean, and the rain almost incomprehensible; the diversity is simply stunning. On the Big Island, it's always best to expect the unexpected. Even the beaches don't follow the rules here. It's almost easier to find a black sand beach than a white one, and if you're adventurous enough, you can even sink your toes into one of the world's few green sand beaches.

The Big Island of Hawaii is the third most popular Hawaiian island among visitors and is, of course, the largest island in the state. The landmass of the Big Island is approximately the same size as the state of Connecticut, about 4,050 sq. miles, and still growing regularly thanks to Kilauea Volcano on the eastern coast of the island.

Hawaii Woman - Cultural Dress

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Hawaii Trip & Vacation Planning

HawaiiGuide ('Hawaii-Guide') offers personalized Hawaii travel advice and vacation tips on the top attractions and things to see and do within the Hawaiian islands. HawaiiGuide features all of the best attractions in Hawaii — plus you can explore our handpicked Hawaii tours, activities, and accommodations - each vetted by our team of Hawaii experts.

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Upcoming Months of Travel

We think it is safe to say that any month of the year you will not be disappointed when you visit the Hawaiian islands. Here's an overview of what to expect in the coming months. Not sure when to visit? Read about the Best Month to Visit, where we present an overview of each month OR take the quiz on our Best Time to Visit Hawaii page.

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Explore the spectacular Hawaiian Islands, each a unique paradise waiting to be explored. From the emerald valleys of Kaua'i to the sun-kissed beaches of Maui, from the dramatic landscapes of the Big Island to the iconic waves of Oahu, each island offers its distinctive allure. The beauty of Hawaii is as diverse as it is profound. Uncover the secrets of these enchanting isles - their vibrant culture, breathtaking nature, rich history, and so much more.

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